Oct 19 / ITCPE Team

Top 10 Essential Cybersecurity Cheat Sheets for Instant Insights

This article offers a collection of ten valuable cybersecurity cheat sheets, all accessible for free download.

Whether you're a cybersecurity novice seeking a quick reference or a professional looking to refresh your knowledge, these resources will prove invaluable.

  1. The ABCs of Cybersecurity Terms: Start by mastering the fundamental language of cybersecurity with this comprehensive glossary compiled by Keith Palmgren, SANS Senior Instructor.

  2. Security Architecture Cheat Sheet for Internet Applications: This resource offers insights into the initial design and assessment of security architecture for internet applications.

  3. Cheat Sheet for Analyzing Malicious Documents: Discover tips and tools for analyzing malicious documents, including Microsoft Office, RTF, and PDF files.

  4. Tips for Creating a Strong Cybersecurity Assessment Report: This cheat sheet provides guidance on crafting robust assessment reports, whether it's for a penetration test, vulnerability assessment, or security audit.

  5. Critical Log Review Checklist for Security Incidents: Utilize this checklist to review crucial logs during security incident responses or routine log evaluations.

  6. Linux Shell Survival Guide: Explore useful Linux shell primitives and core utilities to streamline analysis processes and support quick responses when a full toolkit is unavailable.

  7. iOS Third-Party Apps Forensics Reference Guide Poster: This poster compiles essential files and folders within the "Data" folder of commonly used third-party apps for reference.

  8. Intrusion Discovery Cheat Sheet for Windows: Geared towards system administrators, this guide aids in identifying signs of system compromise.

  9. Burp Suite Cheat Sheet: Enhance your efficiency with Burp Suite, the go-to penetration testing tool for web applications. This cheat sheet streamlines operations for users.

  10. Multicloud Cheat Sheet: Learn how to interact with the top three cloud platforms—Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure—using command-line interfaces (CLIs).

These cheat sheets are valuable resources for cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts alike, providing quick access to essential information and tools.

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