Panel Discussion | Think Like a Hacker and Identify Gaps in Your IT Security Posture

Cybersecurity is one of the largest concerns facing businesses today and hackers continuously develop diverse ways of penetrating your cybersecurity defenses. By adopting the mindset of a hacker, you can be one step ahead of malicious attacks and improve your cybersecurity infrastructure.

On this CPE webinar our panel of experts will address how and why security gaps arise in IT security posture, and provide some hacker tactics that you can use to identify those gaps. Attendees will gain insights on how to:

- Conduct a thorough investigation of your systems by “footprinting” your entire system,
- Run penetration tests to identify the vulnerabilities that exist,
- Perform a gap analysis to catch and close gaps as quickly as they open, across both your own systems or that of third-party vendors,
- Create a culture of cybersecurity with security awareness training to reduce the risk posed by your employees.

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