MAKE EMPLOYEES your first line of defense

Human Risk Management (HRM)

Reduce the risk of a costly user-related data breach and demonstrate your efforts in compliance through measurable employee human risk management programs.
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Get a Domain Scan

We scan for connected domains & services, lookalike domains, and connected applications

Get a Dark Web Scan

We scan thousands of paste sites, with your business being alerted when exposed data is detected in a breach

Get a Phishing Campaign

We use real-world phishing techniques to assess how your users would react to an inevitable attack

Merge multiple risk data points into one score

Use real-world data to understand your current human risk level

Understand the risk implications at each stage of the report

Work out how long would it take for your business to be breached

Get a detailed summary with clear remediation steps

Understand which areas present the biggest risk and how to mitigate them